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Kuma Jiro was laying on the side of a hill, his hoodie off and perfectly content in the chilly day as he fell asleep. It was just such a nice day, with the clouds blocking out the sky, for the Northern Canadian.

However, he was rudely awoken when something bumped his head and he was staring up at a face, purple eyes blinking up at the light blue. “…Quoi?” He asked, startled by the sudden appearance of Mushra.

Mushra hadn’t exactly intended to stop on his travels that day. He wasn’t used to being in this sort of climate, and while it could have been a lot colder, he still didn’t figure he meant to linger. But as he passed one hill in particular, he paused, looking over. Wasn’t that… that Kuma guy he met? It looked like it. Flying over on his disc, he went to look. Yeah, it was!! What was he doing all the way out here? It was pretty cold, he’d get sick sleeping out here right? The boy lightly poked Kuma’s head a few times. “Hey, wake up!”


Kuma sat up, brushing his curly grey hair back, having liked how cool it was for a nap. “Awake, why you here?” He asked, getting up and grabbing the thick hoodie with the bear ears he’d worn last time they met. “Cold, ready to snow.”

He had figured the boy would stay were it was warm, not where it was ready to snow and or rain. Though he couldn’t say for sure on if he even could tell what direction he was going. 

"Yeah, that’s why. What’re you doing out in the cold?" Mushra asked curiously, putting his hands on his hips. “You’re gonna get all sick or something. …It’s freezing out here. Wait, snow?? Whaddaya mean snow? It’s gonna get even colder?” Well that was just great. It was cold enough!! Why couldn’t everything just be warm all the time?


"Oui, north gets cold." Kuma said simply, pulling the hoodie on. "And freezing is nice." He added. He grew up in the snow, so cold felt more right than hot weather. "Cabin close by if you want hot food." Starting to walk off, he motioned for the boy to follow him.

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